Dorias Brannon is a visual artist born and raised in Oakland California. This Bay Area native grew up in a family of talented creatives and discovered his love of art very early on. He took a more serious approach to his painting in high school when he discovered how useful it could be as a form of self-care, as well as self-expression. Over the years he's worked with the youth in Bay Area schools as a Visual Arts teacher, and muralist. He currently works with young people in middle and high schools across the United States while facilitating Social Emotional Learning workshops through a Bay Area based non-profit called Challenge Day. His primary focus has been in oil and acrylic painting ranging from emotive and impulsive abstraction, dreamscape fantasy worlds, and pieces that speak to cultural and social issues. His most recent body of work has been an experiment in the fusion of painting/drawing, collaging, photography, and digital art into vibrant mixed media pieces that explore spiritual growth and healing, the deeper layers of reality, interconnectedness, and purpose. Along with being a visual artist Brannon's creativity extends into the realm of music. He is self taught in electronic music production and has been making music for 12 years often using his songs to help tell the stories his visual art conveys while adding a new dimension of depth and feeling to the piece.